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Publicly available for free on the internet for the first time, this is the album that started it all - its release spawning a new genre, a counter-cultural movement and the beginnings of this very record label - Tim's titular release "Tim" left the world stunned on its release. Every song, whilst simple in concept, are so delicately orchestrated in their execution - from the hard-hitting beats of "Make Me a Sandwich While I play COD6" to the infamous didgeridoo solo on "I Invented the Didgeridoo".

The year was 2010, and Whitney and Tim were but best high school friends. They had just moved into a small apartment/house and things were looking up for them... but something was stirring under the surface. Tim's ire towards the direction in which many facets of pop culture were heading was quietly simmering. In June, the kettle finally boiled, and out came this groundbreaking release.

The album is deceptively simple on the exterior and had critics and listeners alike both collectively stumped on release... Until they started digging deeper. When, of all people, Tim's roommate Whitney unlocked the true secrets of this album, this album shot to fame, and so did both of their now very successful careers.

"On a deeply personal level the album appealed to me as a sarcastic, unorthodox orchard grove of irony-drenched counter-pop music that is as sweet as it is sour," Whitney said in the iconic MTV interview which currently sits at just shy of 8 digit views on YouTube. "This album steps back and rethinks all of the staples of pop culture we've been conditioned to ignore through a cynical, critical eye, and it is as mindblowing as it is simply brilliant".

Every track on the record, she went on to explain, was an ironic stab at itself. The titular track - with its track, artist and album data all being, simply, "Tim" and it being backed with a stereotypically "epic" choir, was a critical jab at god complexes and narcissism projected through art. "I invented the Didgeridoo" was a bitterly satirical look on the idiocy of white Australia and their erasure of the indigenous folk - with its infamous "didgeridoo solo" being an uncompromisingly raw display of how the most important parts of indigenous culture have been westernized and whitewashed.

"Tapulous Rules" went on to expose the lowhandedness of sucking young kids into wasting their parents money on microtransactions in mobile gaming, and both "Make Me a Sandwich While I Play COD6" and the triple platinum single "Danielle Made a Sandwich" are daringly bold and confronting songs about the misogyny in both nerd/gamer culture and the lower priority of women in society itself respectively.

"Open your ears and don't just listen to this album. Think about it. Write about it. Deconstruct it; praise it to heaven or tear it to shreds. This is the Fight Club of music." - Whitney

Shortly after this album shot to fame, Tim and Whitney founded TW Records, and the rest is history...


released June 19, 2010



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Squad Records QLD, Australia

Squad Records (formerly TW Records) have been on the cutting edge of the "shit" genre for over five years.
Home to the very first "shit" works, pioneers of second-wave shit such as The JOJites and many up-and-coming third-wave/future shit producers, this label is considered by many as the "home" of shit and its many colours.
Founded in 2010 by the first ever producers of
the genre - Tim & Whitney.
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