Leaving the Past Behind EP

by Whitney

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    This high-definition remaster - available in lossless FLAC for the first time in history - was not made public until now. This download also comes with the daring, boundary-shattering music video for "Crashland" - the first ever shit music video. Using collages of old photos of Whitney's life, it carries the song's meaning of shedding the last fragments of humanity and spins it into a frenzied, visually stunning music video that is as technically detailed and meticulously crafted as the song itself.

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After almost five years since its original release, the stellar debut release from the immeasurably influential shit pioneer Whitney is online for the public to behold. The second ever shit release, Whitney's "Leaving the Past Behind" EP took the brand new genre - less than a month old - and completely reinvented it with her creative, innovative take on its (loose) definition, its tropes and even the culture surrounding it.

This groundbreaking debut tells the story of a young man with nothing left to lose - shunned by everybody he knows - shedding the last of his humanity - his memories and feelings - and ascending to godhood. Driven with an unquenchable thirst for vengeance, he crashes back down to Earth and uses his newfound powers to destroy the human race and tear the planet asunder. Finally alone, he drifts lazily between fragments of the Earth's core floating through space and begins to create a new world in his image.

Avid followers of the quickly rising underground genre were floored by its sheer sonic diversity and production techniques, taking everything we knew about shit from Tim and turning it completely upside down. Track 6 - the worldwide #1 hit "Crashland" is one of the songs that put TW Records - and the shit genre itself - on the map.

"From opening bar to final coda, this is a subterranean quasi-tsunami of shockingly supercharged concept music. 10/10, Best New Music." - Jeremy Gordon, pitchfork.com

"[...]It is not just a triumphant simulacrum of our universal condition, it is a timorous orchard grove of positively mindblowing musique concrete. I'm feeling a strong 10 on this release." - Anthony Fantano, theneedledrop.com

"I literally just woke up one morning with a headache and I found this EP on my computer," said Whitney in a rare unreleased interview in August 2010. "I have no idea what the fuck happened but I sure hope it happens again."


released July 26, 2010

Very special thanks to Tim - inventor of shit and continuous supporter of Whitney's venture into the genre.



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Squad Records QLD, Australia

Squad Records (formerly TW Records) have been on the cutting edge of the "shit" genre for over five years.
Home to the very first "shit" works, pioneers of second-wave shit such as The JOJites and many up-and-coming third-wave/future shit producers, this label is considered by many as the "home" of shit and its many colours.
Founded in 2010 by the first ever producers of
the genre - Tim & Whitney.
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